Why we created Madigan Cluff

The commercial broadcast landscape continues to evolve - which never ceases to fascinate us.

Just one example: globally, revenue from branded content is growing fast, both in its own right and as a proportion of the total advertising cake.

It’s become a significant phenomenon as programmes, films and sporting events, which provide a home for global brands and have become brands in their own right, are exported and transmitted around the world.

The US placement market alone is estimated at more than $9billion per annum.

That’s just one constituent element of the increasingly complex landscape facing brand-owners, making a historically simple business seem like a multi-dimensional puzzle.

Yet the new routes to consumers represent real opportunities for producers and broadcasters, extending right through to advertisers and agencies.

Ranging through brand-funded programmes, sponsorship, placement, and beyond.

Until now, it’s been difficult to plot a clear path through the multiplicity of options, and also to measure commercial impact with any certainty which is where we come in.

We set up Madigan Cluff to be able to identify with certainty where and when any programme is transmitted around the globe. Indeed, it helps that we have access to a sister company’s database that goes back to 1983.

As leaders in holistic evaluation, with all the data to hand, we can link the value of the audiences to any transmission and its content.

We’ve developed our own systems and processes for both planning and auditing branded content, and we’ll share our best practice with you. As we do when working with all our clients, many of which are world leaders in the media sector.

And we work not only with day-to-day practitioners, but also at board level, to help inform strategic decision making.

Our experience, reach and commitment to innovation means we can provide management level information on what’s happening worldwide, and so provide an overview of achieved value and also opportunity for international marketing directors, programme-makers, distributors and broadcasters.

Madigan Cluff is three years old now, and we’re relishing the challenge of unbundling this exciting new media landscape on behalf of our clients. Feel free to get in touch if there’s anything you’d like to discuss with us.

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