Sports Sponsorship

Our data and disciplines are as relevant to the sports sponsorship market as they are in conventional brand placement.

That means that whether you are a sports governing body with a rights package to maximize the value of, or a brand-owner looking to get the best value out of your investment – we’re the people you should be talking to.

For rights owners

Based on rigorous analysis, both of the competitive set in the sporting arena, and on the value of your product in broadcast value and sources of exposure, we work with sports governing bodies to create a sustainable pricing policy for their sponsor/partner offer. We can identify the brand partner opportunities and why they will be attractive to particular brand owners.

We also provide data support – in terms for example real advertising cost equivalents and on screen impact – which assist you in your negotiations with potential brand partners. And help you to make your case.

For brand-owners

The mirror of the ways in which we support the rights owners.

At the planning stage, we provide you with the information that you need in terms of the broadcast success (or otherwise) of sports you may be considering as a vehicle.

We will provide you with estimates of the kind of value you are likely to achieve via the broadcast of established and new competitions going forward.

We can also provide you with more qualitative advice about brand fit, based on our experience working in both brand marketing and in sport.

And we will of course provide retrospective audit and analysis. Important in terms of assessing effective, essential in terms of forward planning – and negotiation.

By way of illustration

We have published, through Soccer Investor magazine, our own analysis of the value that the key sponsors of the 2010 FIFA World Cup received for their investment.

It makes for interesting reading, both in the standalone context of sport, and also by contrast with alternative options for such significant levels of spend.

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