Making evaluated brand content a crucial part of the marketing mix

1. See value for money

Simply give us a list of the programmes and films where your brand’s appeared. We can tell you when and where these programmes and films play in any of 33 countries, and give you the cost of a commercial impact in each broadcast. As a result, you can:

  • Understand clearly the value achieve by each transmission, and compare it with the cost you paid for the appearance.
  • See where product placement reaches geographically and keep your operating companies in the relevant countries informed
  • Make your domestic budgets go further with these overseas broadcasts
  • Improve targets

2. Get an independent review of your product’s appearance

Using programme tapes, we can:

  • Create a value of what was achieved based on the time, visibility, branding and fit to brand image
  • Review best/worst practice across your programme portfolio – and across your competitors’ if required
  • Match value data to the appearance data to create an improved definition of the appearance’s value

3. Plan future branded content

If you have clear objectives for your brand in terms of placement and geographical access, we can help you maximise the effects by:

  • Reviewing all programmes that meet your needs
  • Seeking out international production companies who can achieve your objectives
  • Reviewing transmission and digital opportunities to support placement activity further

4. Maximise brand visibility & impact

We can tailor a series of tightly-defined processes and targets to maximise your partnership with placement agencies, and so make the most of your brand’s visibility and impact.

5. Reviewing the ratings data

In addition to value, we can source ratings data for you or work with your appointed agencies to understand the commercial impact on audiences. As a result, we can place more accurate values on a programme and define whether your choices of branded content reach your target consumers.

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