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UK Product Placement – The results of the first ever research study indicates that exposure values can be doubled by overseas broadcasts

November 30th, 2011

By combining three major databases Pinewood Studios based NMG Product Placement, Essential Television Statistics and Madigan Cluff have been able to take a look at the additional value created for advertisers with international brands placed into UK programmes. Taking a sample of recent placements in UK dramas this unique process shows that advertisers frequently achieve as much value from the overseas export versions of the programme as they have received from the original UK transmission.

Many UK TV programmes are extensively exported. When TV programmes are exported sponsorship rights and the content of advertising breaks may change. However, brands embedded in the programme will remain and be seen whenever, and wherever, the show plays.

For international brands placed in UK drama this can effectively double the communication value of the placement

This unique process combines NMG’s Tracker™ database detailing which brands have appeared in specified episodes of programmes, with ETS’s database which tracks when these episodes are played in more than 40 countries worldwide, together with Madigan Cluff’s database which values each overseas transmission.

Read the full document (pdf)

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